My Story

I have always loved designing beautiful and exquisitely crafted products.

I am very excited to have recently launched my new luxury lifestyle brand called GITAN Collection. Here I have paired my love for the avant-garde and playful, with a sense of refinement and elegance.

Together with my love of design and fashion, my affection for my four-legged companions, canine and equestrian have been a central theme throughout my life. Therefore various design details & products from the GITAN Collection can be seen to reflect this passion. Some of the happiest times of my life have been spent amongst my horses and my Great Danes.

Having had many years of experience in the jewellery and couture industries I believe in the integrity of design & craftsmanship, as well as the importance of using the highest quality materials available. This in essence means creating sustainable products that can stand the test of time and gives the people which love them many years of pleasure. I do much of the work myself where and how I can and furthermore work alongside small producers which share my sense of integrity.

Most of all I would like my clients to enjoy my products, items that I believe will enrich their lives with its functionality while conveying unmistakable style & glamour.