Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Leather Care Instructions:

Products made from the finest top-grain leather or from thick soft suede distinguish themselves as items that will last and grow more alluring as time goes by. They do however need a bit of care. 

Dog Collars:

When muddy, leave mud to dry and brush off with a soft brush. Then wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Preferably do not get wet. Wipe with a dry cloth when wet and hang to dry indoors. When completely dry renew with a bit of leather balm on the outside layer. If dulling occurs with time, renew by rubbing a small bit of leather balm on the outside. Polish up with a soft cloth. Inner suede can be brushed with soft brush.

Suede Ballerina Pumps:

When dirty or muddy, leave to dry and brush off with a soft brush. Preferably do not get wet. Wipe with a dry cloth when wet and dry indoors. Then brush with a soft brush to elevate the pile. It is preferable to use a high-quality suede cleaner (such as DASCO Multi Cleaner) to clean suede shoes & recommended to seal suede shoes thereafter with a high-quality suede Protector (such as DASCO Protector). If not wearing your shoes for an extended time, it is advised to store them in a ventilated cupboard within a natural cotton bag.


This handbag comes with a 100% cotton dust bag. Store your leather handbag herein when not in use. It will generally not be necessary to use any cleaning or maintenance products on your handbag.

Metal-ware (Solid Brass) Care Instructions:

The solid brass metal-ware used in many of the GITAN Collection products gives a look, feel and weightiness of bygone integrity and elegance. Manufactured according to artisanal processes to produce the highest quality items, these items will stand the test of time. They have been coated with an anti-tarnish coating and therefore need no further attention. The brass (non-plated) items will go a soft matte texture with time, but this will only enhance their natural beauty.

Cotton Wraps:

Cotton is resilient and, with the proper care, will stay beautiful for years.

Always store your garments flat, rather than on hangers, to keep their shape. Hand wash, or wash on a gentle machine cycle, using a suitable detergent and a laundry bag. Never wring or rub.

Gently press out excess water. If necessary, carefully roll the knitwear up in a dry towel and press on it to get rid of more water.

Reshape while damp and allow to dry flat. Once dry, a steam iron can be hovered over the piece, or it can be ironed very lightly. Don't press: it will flatten the structure of the knitted fabric.

If you wear your garment often you may, as with all natural fibers, see a bit of pilling. This affects only the surface: carefully remove the little bobbles with a fabric shaver or even a sharp disposable razor, and your garment will be as good as new.

Jewellery Care:

 Brass Jewellery

GITAN Collection has an assortment of jewellery that is produced from a jewellery grade cast brass, and is manufactured according to artisanal processes to produce the highest quality pieces. They are coated with a tarnish-resistant coating and therefore need no further attention. However it is possible that this coating may wear off with time. Brass jewellery may be polished again by a jeweller if it becomes scratched.

Silver Jewellery

Compared to some other alloys used for jewellery production, sterling silver is a relatively soft metal. The downside of being made from a softer metal is that your jewellery is a little more likely to get damaged than high karat gold jewellery. Besides this silver also gets scratched easily and tarnishing is another disadvantage. But by looking after your jewellery in the right way you can enjoy your silver pieces for a lifetime.

To avoid scratches on your jewellery you should keep the following points in mind:
· Take off your silver jewellery when you think that you are doing something where your jewellery is going to rub against something else. Don’t wear jewellery while washing dishes, gardening etc.

· Store jewellery in a jewellery box or in a container that has soft material inside and on the edges.

· By polishing jewellery with a soft cloth you can remove light scratches.

· For heavy scratches you should consult a jeweller. Do not try to remove heavy scratches by yourself.

To prevent your silver jewellery from not tarnishing at all you have to avoid nearly everything in life, which is not realistic. Body salts, sweat and oils, food, and even the air can tarnish silver. However, it is best to avoid your jewels coming in contact with fatty or acidic foods, hairsprays, perfume and other chemicals. You have to store your jewellery in a proper storage place such as a jewellery box, which should be airtight and tarnish free. Don’t leave your jewellery in the bathroom where the air is moist and full of chemicals.

You can also avoid tarnishing by cleaning your jewellery regularly. You can use a non-abrasive soap with a soft brush or cloth and rub it smoothly and in parallel movements. Silver polishing clothes are also available on the market. Don’t use hard toothbrushes and other hard surface materials for cleaning your jewellery. Don’t use silver polishing pastes, but rather the liquid type that you dip the piece into. But if you haven’t cleaned your jewellery for a long time then it is better to take your jewels to a jeweller to be cleaned professionally. You can avoid damage to your silver jewellery by sensible wearing as well as proper cleaning and storing.

 Many of GITAN Collection's heavy Sterling Silver pieces are plated with a heavy gold plating. This makes it possible for us to produce bold pieces at an affordable price, while still working in precious metal. This heavy gold plating is much thicker that the customary yellow / rose gold plating used commercially. This ensures that the plating will not wear down as fast as other gold plating options. However we cannot guarantee that it will not abrade over time as it is only a surface layer. This is especially true in the case of rings where the jewellery piece is exposed to a great deal of contact with other surfaces. Gold plating is readily available at most jewellers worldwide.

All gemstones should be treated with respect and with the acknowledgement of each gemstone's hardness and durability. GITAN Collection cannot be held liable for chips and damages to gemstones after a piece has been delivered.

GITAN Collection will always disclose the treatment procedure of an specific gemstone. We will try to be as transparent as possible and will declare any advancements to a stone. Learn more about gemstone treatments at:

Please contact us for disclosure documents of fine jewellery i.e. jewellery made from gold, platinum, diamonds and precious gemstones.